(1 FOR 1) 0.2 Carats Diamond Mooncake Gift Set



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0.2 Carats Diamonds Gift Set - Champagne Truffle White Gold Mooncakes

Been waiting to impress your boss for an upcoming promotion? Or perhaps retain your client for many years to come?

Wait no longer, Wangpai present to you the perfect gifting for this coming Mid-Autumn Festival to do so!!! In collaboration with Soosoomon Jewellery, we present to you our ultimate Champagne Diamonds Mooncake set.

Comes with the following below 

👉 8 pieces of Champagne White Gold Truffle Mooncakes
👉 0.2 Carats Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Cutlery Set

1 box contains 8 individual pieces 
Net weight / piece: 60g
Net weight / box: 480g

Storage: For same day consumption, keep it in the chiller. For consumption on other days, do store it in the freezer and thaw the mooncakes 20-30 mins before consuming. Strictly keep away from direct sunlight. Best consumed within 1 month, can be kept up to 3 months.

Ingredients: Lotus, Sugar, Champagne, white couverture, white chocolate garnache, glutinous flour, icing sugar, water, shortening.