Bundle of 2 - Champagne White Gold Truffle Mooncakes (8pcs/box)



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Champagne Truffle White Gold Mooncakes (Bundle of 2)

Our Wangpai Champagne Jewels Mooncakes is akin to the image of a jewelry piece, with unparalleled look, taste and texture through the expanded expressions of Champagne and White Chocolate Ganache crafted into 8 pieces of ultimate temptation per box. 

1 box contains 8 individual pieces 
Net weight / piece: 60g
Net weight / box: 480g

Storage: For same day consumption, keep it in the chiller. For consumption on other days, do store it in the freezer and thaw the mooncakes 20-30 mins before consuming. Strictly keep away from direct sunlight. Best consumed within 1 month, can be kept up to 3 months.

Ingredients: Lotus, Sugar, Champagne, white couverture, white chocolate ganache, glutinous flour, icing sugar, water, shortening.

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